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Area   1,73, 877 sq kms. The Capital of this state is Patna
Boundaries   To the West of Bihar is Uttar Pradesh, to the East is Bangladesh, to the South is West Bengal and to the North is Nepal
Important Cities and Towns   Begu Sarai, Darbhangha, Patna, Poornia, Gaya, Bokaro, Hazaribagh, Giridih, and Dhanbad
Places of Tourist Interest  
Bodhgaya, Raja Griha, Nalanda, Hazaribagh and Vaisali
Best Time To Visit   October to March
Airports   Patna
The states of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, the Punjab, Haryana and Bihar can broadly be categorised as falling in Northern Plains region. These plains have rather extreme climatic conditions throughout the year. During summer months, from end-April to mid-July, it is time for proverbial heat and dust. From mid-July to end September it is rainy reason and the climate is humid and hence a little uncomfortable for traveling. From October it starts to get pleasant in North India; by the end of November the climate is a little cold but very much bearable. Only during December and January that cold is rather too much in the mornings and evenings; however, even during this time of the year days are sunny and pleasant.
Required Clothing  
Lightweight cottons and linens in summer and warmer clothes in winter.
Food culture
Some of the famous dishes include;Sattu,Chokha,Aam Ka Panna, Sattu Ka Pani etc
Some of the must visit cities are - Patna, Bodhgaya
Patna or Pataliputra, the capital city of Bihar, is a historical city. This city was the seat of administration for many rulers and each of them ascended with a new name for their capital.
Pataliputra was the capital of Magadha, a kingdom, which dominated and influenced the politics of India for a long time. Located on the banks where rivers Sone and Ganga merge, this city has witnessed the rules of Chanakya, Chandragupta, Ashoka and the Nanda rulers.
Some of the prime site in Patna are Sadakat Ashram, Takth Harmandir, Gol Ghar, The Sanjay Gandhi Botanical Garden, Patna Museum, The Planetarium, Khuda Baksh Library, Stone Mosque, Agam Kuan, Kumharar. >>TOP
Bodhgaya is popularly known as The Land Of Enlightenment Of Buddha. This place has religious importance to the Buddhists and lies 13 km south of Gaya, beside the river Phalgu. Lord Buddha sat here under the Banyan tree and attained enlightenment, and a descendant of that original tree still flourishes there today.

The Maha Bodhi temple of Bodh Gaya is one of the important places of worship for the Buddhists. It is not only a famous Buddhist place but also famous for its archaeological sites. Devout Buddhists and tourists from all over the world visit Bodhgaya, to study Buddhism and the art of meditation.

Some of the prime sites of Bodhgaya are Bodhi Tree, Bodhi Sarovar, Chankamana.
Shopping in Bodhgaya is an experience of its kind. One can buy some handicraft items and decorative pieces made out of stone. Though sea is very far from this place, do not be surprised if you find items made from sea shells.>> TOP
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