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Area 50, 362 sq kms.
Important Cities and towns   Amritsar, Jalandhar.
Places of Tourist Interest
The Golden Temple, the Jallianwala Bagh where the bloody massacre of innocent Indian men, women and children by the British took place on April 13, 1919; the Central Sikh Museum; and the Durgiana Mandir.
Best Time To Visit   October to March.
Airports   Amritsar, Jalandhar,Ludhiana.
The states of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, the Punjab, Haryana and Bihar can broadly be categorised as falling in Northern Plains region. These plains have rather extreme climatic conditions throughout the year. During summer months, from end-April to mid-July, it is time for proverbial heat and dust. From mid-July to end September it is rainy reason and the climate is humid and hence a little uncomfortable for traveling. From October it starts to get pleasant in North India; by the end of November the climate is a little cold but very much bearable. Only during December and January that cold is rather too much in the mornings and evenings; however, even during this time of the year days are sunny and pleasant.
Required Clothing  
Lightweight cottons and linens in summer and warmer clothes in winter.
Food culture
Punjabi people are robust people with robust appetites and their food is like the Punjabis themselves, simple, sizeable and hearty with no unnecessary frills or exotic accompaniments.Marinated meat, chicken, fish, paneer, rotis and naans of many types are cooked in this novel oven and the results are delicious.Winter, in Punjab, brings in the season of the famous makki ki roti(maize flour bread) and sarson ka saag(mustard leaf gravy).Some of the other famous dishes includes: Dahi Bhalle, Dal Makkhani, Methi Ki Missi Roti, Simla Mirch, Mattar Paneer,Sarson Ka Saag,Murg Makkhani, Tandoori Chicken,Mutton Patialashahi,Gajjarela etc
Some of the must visit sites are - Amritsar, Jalandhar
There is he temple called the Golden temple developed by the Sikh guru, Ramdas. This Amritsar which is on the border of Pakistan is a very holy place for Sikhs. In the holy temple here there is Sikhs, the holy book of Sikhs, called Guru Grandh Saheb,. On the four sides of this Golden temple, there are 4 entrances.It is called the Golden temple, because, it is covemaroon by a canopy of 400 kg gold.This is also called Darbar Saheb and Hari Mandir.
Some of the must visit sights of Amritsar are :
Durgiana Temple
This temple is a place of pilgrimage for the Hindus. The domes of this temple are also covered with gold and silver.
Jalianwala Bagh
Where the British massacred around 2000 Indians attending a meeting in the year 1919. Today, a stone memorial stands in silent remembrance.
Baba Atal Rai Tower
The nine year old son of Guru Hargobind Singh martyred himself at this place.
Taran Taran
Approximately 22 kms from Amritsar is a pool near this shrine which is believed to have healing powers.
Ram Tirath
Is the birth place of Luv and Kush the sons of Lord Rama of the epic Ramayana. >>TOP
There is the river Beas, which rises in the Himalayas flows here. There is a belief that if a person baths in this river all of her or his sins will be washed away. This Jalandhar is 80 km distant from Amritsar. >>TOP


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