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Tamil Nadu
Area 1,30,058 sq kms. The Capital of the state is Chennai
Boundaries   To the North of Tamil Nadu is Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, to the East is Bay of Bengal, to the South is Hind Mahasagar and to the West is Kerala.
Important Cities and towns   Coimbatore, Kanchipuram, Madurai, Rameswaram, Ooty, Tanjavore, Kanyakumari, Nagerkoil, Tuticorin,Sri Perembudoor, Salem, Kodaikanal, Dindigul, Tirucherapalli
Places of Tourist Interest
Mahabalipuram, Thanjavore, Ooty, Madurai, Kanyakumari, Mudumalai Forest sanctuary, Arunachhalam, Sree Perembudoor, Chidambaram, Sree Rangam, Trichy, Rameswaram, Kodaikanal, Yeracaud
Best Time To Visit   November to March
Airports   Chennai, Thiruchirapalli, Madurai, Coimbatore, Salem
Tamil Nadu experiences north-east monsoon between October and December and temperatures and humidity are high all through the year. Hills of Tamil Nadu can be cold in winter.
Required Clothing  
Lightweight cottons and linens. Warmer clothes in winter particularly in hills.
Some of the must visit sites are - Chennai, Kodaikanal, Madurai, Ooty

Chennai, (formerly known as Madras) the capital of Tamil Nadu, lies along the coast of the Bay of Bengal. It was developed after 1639 when the British East India Company established a fort and trading post at the small fishing village of Chennai. Over the past three and a half centuries, the small fishing village has grown into a bustling metropolis which is especially known for its spaciousness. Even elsewhere in the city, one cannot fail to notice the dominant British influences in the form of old cathedrals, buildings in the Indo-Saracenic style of architecture, wide tree lined avenues.

Besides the modern city itself, there are several interesting towns like Mamallapuram and Kanchipuram, each with a rich collection of ancient temples and an array of traditional handicrafts which are very much their own. Pondicherry, famous for its Aurobindo ashram. >>TOP



Kodaikanal lies in the Western Ghats at an altitude of over 7,000 feet, a beautiful and un-spoilt hill station of Tamil Nadu and offers a cool respite. There are many breathtaking spots like the spectacular Pillar Rocks, the serene Coaker's Walk and many magnificent waterfalls. The lake with its 5 km long promenade is popular with visitors.


The star shaped Kodaikanal Lake is set amidst the sylvan serenity of wooded slopes.
The Byrant Park lies near the lake and is famed for its colourful flowers. A horticultural show in May is an annual feature that attracts garden lovers.
The Solar Physical Observatory founded in 1898 lies at the highest point of the hills.
The Green Valley View offers some unforgettable spectacles of the hill resort.
The Bear Shola Falls - a favorite picnic spot accessible only by a rugged path.

Madurai is one of south India's oldest cities. It has been a center of learning and pilgrimage for centuries. The Shree Meenakshi temple, in the heart of the old town, is a classic example of Dravidian architecture. The city is one huge non-stop bazaar, full of shops, street markets, temples and restaurants.

Excursions include Rameshwaram, a major pilgrimage center, in South India; Kodaikanal, a popular hill station in the region; Tanjore, the ancient capital of the Chola kings and famous for metal, copper and bronze craft and the Kanya Kumari temple. >>TOP

Ootacamand (Ooty) is a peaceful pleasant town with shady avenues, bustling markets and a salubrious climate.

Sights to see

The Ooty Lake: The beautiful Ooty Lake is a favourite haunt of tourists. There are facilities for boating on the lake and pony rides for children around it.

Botanical Gardens: Extending over 22 acres, this beautiful garden with exotic trees. ornamental plants and undulating lawns, was laid out in 1847. A marvellous flower show is held here every May.

Wenlock Downs: The undulating countryside just outside Ooty is ideal for long walks. >>TOP



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