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Area   7096 sq kms. The Capital of this state is Gangtok
Boundaries   To the East of Nagaland is the Tibet and Bhutan, to the North is China, to the West is Nepal and to the South West Bengal
Important Cities and Towns   Gangtok, Mangan, Gwalhing, Lachun
Places of Tourist Interest  
Gangtok, Bakkim, Yoksam, Chogyar Place
Best Time To Visit   March to August
Airports   The nearest airfield is Siliguri’s Bagdogra Airport, 124 km away.There are daily flights to Calcutta, Delhi and other places in the North-East
In this region, March to mid-July is pleasant; end July to end September is pouring rains (except for in Trans Himalayan regions of Ladakh, Lahaul-Spiti and Kinnaur which are beyond the reach of the monsoon clouds) and hence is rather uncomfortable to travel. October to February is rather too cold as it snows time and again; in the higher reaches of the Himalayas and Trans Himalayan regions temperature falls way below freezing points.
Required Clothing  
Lightweights to medium-weights from March to October. Warmer wears for the winter. Weather can change rapidly in mountains and it is therefore important to be suitably equipped.
Some of the must visit cities are - Gangtok
Gangtok is a city, which, till one sees it, one would believe exists only in picture-story books. In the mystery-laden mists prayer flags whip in the breeze; wheels spin in the hands of Lamas mumbling invocations to God, in the distance are the snows, on the streets amidst brightly painted pagoda roofed houses, lined with friendly smiling people are silver, silk and spice and jewellery to gladden an maiden's heart, from across the seven seas are gadget and goods to delight the collector of "imported goods', while directly overlooking the city is the hill Lukshyma, the 'Mother of Pearl' citadel of the magic mountain, Khang-Chen-Dzod-Nga.
The main markets for shopping are Old market, New Market and Lal market. Here one finds shops of all kind, which offer good range of items to be purchased.Some of the sites to visit include:Rumtek monestry,Yumthang Hot Springs.>>TOP
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